New home for Cornerhouse and Library Theatre Company

  • Wed 24 Nov, 2010

Cornerhouse has been at the heart of Manchester’s social and cultural life for the last 25 years, and the Library Theatre even longer. We’ve both built up great support from our audiences over this time and we have a strong reputation for innovation and collaboration that’s why this new development is so exciting for us. Being at the centre of a culture led regeneration project in the current climate is tremendously exciting. It will give us the space to grow our audiences for both contemporary visual art and cinema, to grow our role as a digitally connected producer, to achieve new levels of artistic excellence and deliver even more great audience experiences. The new centre will also house both organisations, which gives us a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively. Bringing together two of Manchester’s most important arts organisations together in a new purpose built centre will create something unique in the UK and Europe – a major cross-artform production centre.

This would not happen without the visionary leadership we are so accustomed to seeing from Manchester City Council. It also benefits from real commitment and vision from commercial property developers Ask. But it is also important to note that neither Manchester City Council nor Ask are interested in vanity projects, they want something that delivers jobs and economic growth for the city and that is why this project is happening.

Clearly the arts do have real hard economic value and can make a very positive impact on people’s lives so it is a credit to Manchester that public and private sectors recognise this and are still prepared to act.

Dave Moutrey
Cornerhouse Chief Executive

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Well, the present Cornerhouse will be a hard act to follow! It has lasted twenty five years, partly, i believe, because of it’s excellent location.. Can’t see people turning up in droves at the boring end of Whitworth Street West to see a film or play or have a drink. How about the centre of town,,the Great Northern Warehouse ?,That place has never been fully occupied since it was re launched.. might be a better bet Also.I do wish that the name Hacienda wasn’t used when talking about that end of town. Manchester loved it so much, they demolished it.. it’s gone. No doubt the present Corner House site ,in spite of the listed status ,will be redeveloped too ,into, let me guess, flats for more foreign students. Manchester has few really iconic buildings..the Corner House is one of them. Developers do boring corporate ,not iconic ..doubt if they could spell it! Seems like all the ‘fun’ has/is being taken out of the Oxford Road/St. ‘corridor’ too. Do we really need more theatre and cinema space in Manchester or is it just someone’s big idea. What we could do with is a decent fish and chip shop near to this new place anyway!!!


This is such a shame. Both The Cornerhouse and Library Theatre carry the name of the place they are located. You can’t just transplant them to a faceless block and continue as if nothing happened. Of course you get accused of nostalgia, an old argument itself. These are the same types that demolished the Hacienda and the Cavern Club. Now everyone comes to Liverpool and asks for the Cavern Club. Well it’s gone, as part of an exciting redevelopment opportunity. It has moved to a more spacious modern building with better facilities….. The people involved will move on but the damage left behind is irreparable.


Why do they feel the need to move a successful business for the sake of extra square footage. Overcrowded? Is it hell. I’ve never felt the slightest bit squeezed in there. It’s great where it is- why change it? For architectural buffs like myself, you’ll find the current building is an extremely popular one. They might want to change the name, as it won’t be the CORNER-house anymore


This is such a mistake.
Moving the cornerhouse is mad, but hay you think of the money, that’ll you’ll lose….
Bad idea, everyone I’ve spoken to is p****d with this.


This is such a mistake – You are moving the Cornerhouse from a perfect location – you will miss out on so much passing trade and lose visibility

Justin O'Donnell  

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