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Beers on draught. Image credit Lucy Ridges

Draught/Bottled Beer & Cider



Revisionist Craft Lager — £4.00 / £2.00
American style craft lager, 4.0% abv
Brewed by Simon Yates at the Park brewery in Wolverhampton, using four different hops to create a refreshing, easy drinking lager with a citrus orange marmalade flavour. Would go well with our lamb burger.

South West Orchards Craft Cider — £4.00 / £2.00
Apple cider, 5% abv
Made with fresh apple juice, from a blend of the finest West Country Cider apples such as Yarlington Mill, Harry’s Master and Dabinett, plus a small amount of dessert apple to give the cider a fruity bite.

South West Orchards Raspberry Craft Cider — £4.40 / £2.20
Raspberry cider, 5% abv
Made in almost exactly the same way as its sibling, but with the addition of pure raspberry juice. Smooth, refreshing and bittersweet, with a hint of raspberry fruitiness.

Brooklyn — £4.90 / £2.45
American lager, 5.2% abv
Still brewed in New York, Brooklyn Lager has won numerous awards, beginning with first place at the Great American Beer Tasting in 1989. A superb balance of sweet malt & crisp, bitter hops. Dry hopped for more flavour.

Leffe — £6.00 / £3.00
Belgian ale, 6.6% abv
Originally brewed by local monks from Leffe abbey near the town of Dinant, Leffe blond is now the world’s most famous Abbey beer. Crisp & sweet with fruity spices, it’s dark gold in colour with a slight haze.

Marstons Oyster Stout — £4.00 / £2.00
English stout (Burton on Trent) 4.5% abv
English Aroma Hops, Fuggles and Goldings are added for their ruity, floral and spicy contribution to the taste, with the majority of the bitterness coming from the roasted malts. The final result is a rich, dark and extremely creamy smooth stout with good character and strength.

Outstanding Pilsner — £4.00 / £2.00
Local English lager (Bury), 5.0% abv
Inspired by the Bavarian Purity Laws 1516, Outstanding Pilsner uses only natural ingredients. The best English malted barley and Pennine water give a clear golden hue & an impressive depth of flavour. Specially imported German and Czech hops provide a refreshing clean, crisp sharpness & impart a subtle appetising aroma.

Outstanding IPA — £4.40 / £2.20
Local English golden bitter (Bury), 4.0% abv
Four varied hop varieties, from around the world, have been combined to create this complex but very well balanced dry IPA style beer.

Outstanding White — £4.20 / £2.10
Local English wheat beer (Bury), 4.8% abv
One of the most accessible and enjoyable wheat beers we’ve tried. Deliciously fruity, with a soft malt flavours and very refreshing light body. Superb beer from the local Outstanding guys.

Shipyard Pale Ale — £4.20 / £2.10
American style, craft pale ale, 4.5% abv
A fantastic American style Pale Ale; a collaboration of master brewers Alan Pugsley and Simon Yates. Bursting with fruity citrus hop aroma and flavour. Try it with our baby back ribs or our pulled pork sandwich.


Corona — £3.60
Mexican lager, 4.6% abv

Peroni — £3.60
Italian lager, 5.1% abv

Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager — £4.20
English lager, 5.0% abv
An excellent organically brewed Yorkshire lager. Full flavoured with a slightly buttery maltiness that soon turns into crisp dry hops.

Thistly Cross Traditional Cider — £4.60
Scottish cider, 4.4% abv
An exceptionally easy to drink still cider, made using only pure pressed apple juice. Very refreshing with sweet apple  and honey flavours and a subtle acidity to finish.

Thistly Cross Ginger Cider — £4.80
Scottish cider, 4.0% abv
Made in almost exactly the same way as the Traditional. Strong fragrances of ginger and apple, the ginger flavour coming through distinctly but subtly. Excellent on warmer days.

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