Your Sister's Sister

Your Sister’s Sister

  • Lynn Shelton
  • In English
  • 90 mins

Lynn Shelton returns after her 2009 bromance comedy Humpday, with an equally hilarious and honest depiction of complicated romance and sibling relationships.

A year after the death of his brother, Jack is still struggling to deal with his volatile grief. His best friend Iris, also the ex-girlfriend of his brother, hatches a plan for Jack to escape to her family’s remote island getaway, hoping that some isolation will help him come to terms with his loss. When he gets there, however, he doesn’t find the solitude he’s searching for but Iris’ recently single and lovelorn sister, Hannah. A bottle of tequila and a night of sharing their woes soon results in the hangover from hell.

This effortlessly charming and grounded comedy has real heart, marking Shelton’s maturation as a filmmaker with solid and naturalistic performances across the board.

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Cast: Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, Rosemarie Dewitt, Mike Birbiglia
Country: US
Year: 2011

Last shown

Last shown at Cornerhouse on Thu 19th Jul 2012


Shelton's upped the ante in terms of filmic polish as well, deftly exploiting the pleasant scenery and sprinkling her uncontrived navigation of the sibling bond with Vinny Smith's simple but effective score. A lovely example of what a surefooted filmmaker can achieve with a game and talented cast and a generous, heartfelt story – demonstrable proof that small pleasures can be the most satisfying. ****

The Guardian

Relationships are killers, and this tough, tender, deeply satisfying romantic comedy from writer-director Lynn Shelton is also bruisingly funny. [...] A trio of superb performances guide a plot that pivots on secrets and lies before they fester. Your Sister's Sister works its way into your head until you can't stop thinking about it. ****

Rolling Stone
It’s beautifully acted: Blunt gives an eye-openingly warm performance as Iris. Duplass does his charming, lumpy-lopey thing. As for DeWitt, I could get seriously fangirlish about her; she steals the show as Hannah – brittle but very cool, hiding everything behind her sphinx smile.  ****
Time Out (London)
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