The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Wes Anderson
  • In English
  • 110 mins

 A great ensemble cast make up this twisted tale of supremely dysfunctional family life, set in a storybook New York from the director of Rushmore. Royal Tenenbaum (Hackman) is the patriarch of the family of geniuses. Years earlier he’d turned his back on them, leaving anthropologist wife Etheline (Huston) to raise Chas, a teenage financial wizard; Margot a prizewinning plarwright at 14 and junior tennis champ and three times nationals winner Richie. Two decades later these former high achievers can’t cope and have returned to the family home where one day a knock on the door brings a penitent Royal, seeking sanctuary in the bosom of his family. This film moves between laugh out loud comedy and quiet touching moments with charm and ease.

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Cast: Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gene Hackman, Ben Stiller, Anjelica Huston
Country: US
Year: 2001

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Last shown at Cornerhouse on Sun 10th May 2009


Tenenbaums boasts the same sense of the bizarre that made Rushmore and Being John Malkovich such hits - and, like those two, it’s one of the cleverest comedies to happen along in ages. ****


Anderson wears irony on his sleeve to camouflage a deeper sincerity. At its heart, this is a comedy of unrequited love, melancholy and disappointment. One to savour.

Time Out (London)

A first-rate ensemble cast is complemented by a terrific script, subtle direction and brilliant use of music in this witty, inventive comedy. ****

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