Some Like It Hot

  • Billy Wilder
  • In English
  • 121 mins

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Billy Wilder’s multi award-winning inspired satire which tracks two penniless musicians (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon), whose chance witness of a gangland massacre forces them to flee Chicago for their lives. They soon realise that the only out-of-town jobs are in an all-girl band headed to Florida, and the two drag themselves up as Josephine and Geraldine in order to escape. However, they both soon become enamored with the band’s desirable vocalist Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe), and the gender bending wreaks havoc upon their love lives as they struggle for her affection while maintaining their disguises.

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Cast: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, Joe E. Brown
Country: US
Year: 1959

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Last shown at Cornerhouse on Wed 15th Dec 2010


Directed in masterly style by Billy Wilder, is probably the funniest picture of recent memory. It's a whacky, clever, farcical comedy that starts off like a firecracker and keeps on throwing off lively sparks till the very end.


One of those rare movies where all the elements gel all the time. Both Curtis and Lemmon display a real feeling for sexual ambiguity and full-blown silliness, while Marilyn provides a suitably contrasting innocence to the antics of the two rogues. Wilder presents all three with great comic scenes which soar on the back of originality and great timing and embrace both slapstick and super-sharp wit. The desert-island comedy bar none.

Michael Thomson, BBC

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