• Asif Kapadia
  • In English, French, Portugese (Brazilian)
  • 106 mins

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Through a back catalogue of intimate personal footage and galvanic F1 sequences, Asif Kapadia creates a symphony of emotion that not only excites but inspires you in ways many biographical documentaries usually find challenging. Senna carves a path straight to your heart with behind-the-scenes archive footage, as we follow legendary Brazilian motor-racing champion Aryton Senna through his personal achievements on and off the race track, flaws and all. Destined to be up for award nods later this year and already picking up accolades from Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festival, Senna is a truly rewarding watch, understated, and an extremely fitting tribute to the talented F1 driver. Don’t miss this treasure on the big screen second time around.

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Country: Great Britain, France, US
Year: 2010
Subtitles: Partial English

Last shown

Last shown at Cornerhouse on Mon 29th Aug 2011


You don't need to know, or care, about motor racing to enjoy Senna [...] The film's masterstroke is its exclusive use of archive footage, with no visible talking heads or modern-day interruptions. [...] The immediacy of the approach is exhilarating and, as we approach the inevitably tragic ending, undeniably emotional. ****

Steve Rose, The Guardian

Ambitiously constructed, deeply compelling, thrilling and in no way only for those who like watching cars drive in circles. A worthy paean to a true talent. ****

Dan Jolin, Empire

A lyrical, haunting and nerve-wracking portrait: the thinking man’s true-life Top Gun (with cars). ****

Total Film

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Can’t think of a film this year that’s stayed with me so vividly in the days after screening. Agree with Francine Stock on Radio 4 who described it as perhaps the “most immediate and unforgettable” film of the year so far.

Adam Huffman  

As a sports fan but not neccesarily a formula one fan who knew the general history of Ayrton Senna, this was one of the best films i’ve seen in a long time…It keeps you gripped from start to finish.

Eamonn Dinan  

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