Juan de los muertos 4

Juan of the Dead / Juan de los muertos

  • Alejandro Brugués
  • In Spanish
  • 100 mins

Returning to our screens following our ¡Viva! Festival preview, this zombie comedy horror brings Cuban independent filmmaking to an international audience.

Juan is a forty-year-old slacker living a laid-back life in Havana with his close-knit group of friends: Lázaro, Vladi, El Chino and El Primo. When violence springs up around the city, and inhabitants start to attack one another, talk of a political dissident uprising is rife. But Juan and his gang soon discover their enemy is more dangerous than any ideological opponent, and armed with some home-made weapons and the desire to make a quick buck, Juan sets out to rid Havana of the undead.

Staff Review

Want to know if Juan of the Dead is for you? Read our staff review from Cornerhouse Digital Reporter Mark Slattery >>read more

More Info

Cast: Alexis Días de Villegas, Jorge Molina, Andrea Duro, Andros Perugorría
Country: Cuba
Year: 2011
Subtitles: Full English

Last shown

Last shown at Cornerhouse on Thu 31st May 2012

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UK Premiere? I don’t think so, seeing as it was the closing film at Day of the Dead in Leeds International Film Festival LAST NOVEMBER! You’re only 4 months behind…

Martin Grund  

Hi Martin, we meant preview not premiere? Sorry a mistake on our part. It’s correct in our festival brochure. Anyway what did you make of the film? It was a hit with our audiences and we’ll be bringing it back in late May/eary June if you want a second view.

Sarah Leech (Cornerhouse)  

Really looking forward to seeing this – There have been so many variations of the Zombie movie genre, I think it’ll be interesting to see a latino spin on it.

Anthony Maxwell  

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