• Ralph Fiennes
  • In English
  • 123 mins

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In his directorial debut, Ralph Fiennes grapples with the power-play and politics of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. In this assured adaptation, Fiennes transports Shakespeare’s tragedy to a contemporary setting in a Balkan warzone, drawing many connections between the original text and modern-day situations. Not only does he provide accomplished direction, but Fiennes also takes the lead as Coriolanus, the soldier-turned-politician struggling to gain popular support in order to take up the position of Consul.

Staff Review

Want to know if Coriolanus is for you? Read a review by our LiveWire film critic, James Martin or listen to our bitesize review of the film from Cornerhouse Chief Executive Dave Moutrey -

Our 1 minute review of CORIOLANUS (mp3)

More Info

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox
Country: UK
Year: 2011

Last shown

Last shown at Cornerhouse on Sat 7th Apr 2012


… [this] is Shakespeare’s 17th-century tragedy as contemporary military story, if one that invokes Iraq and other modern theatres of war. And it works, partly because while the language remains Shakespeare’s, the rule of the mob, the political hypocrisies and the grinding of war’s engine transcend any age. Then, too, there’s the sheer pleasure of hearing these words spoken by an actor like Mr. Fiennes, whose phrasing is so brilliant that you might be tempted to close your eyes if his physical performance weren’t equally mesmerizing.

The New York Times

Ralph Fiennes's Coriolanus is a bloody, testosterone-filled updating of Shakespeare's play, shot and performed with real vigour. This is the Bard done action-movie style… A rousing and primal drama – one of the few films likely to appeal to action fans and Shakespeare lovers in equal measure. 4/5

The Independent

Reconfigured as a study of modern warfare, complete with news channel inserts, Ralph Fiennes's directorial debut is a triumph. 4/5

The Guardian

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