The Creator AL and AL 3

Al & Al: The Creator

  • Al & Al
  • In English
  • 45 mins

Showing as part of Abandon Normal Devices Festival Preview, Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival 2012

The Creator explores the legendary myth of the father of the computer age and maker of AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines, Alan Turing. Combining Lynchian nightmare with the prophetic themes of J.G. Ballard, The Creator takes you into the surreal dream world of the visionary scientist, where his binary children embark upon a mystical quest to discover their origins and destiny in the universe. This unique new film commission premieres on the occasion of the centenary of Turing’s birth. Contains scenes of a sexual nature and optical effects.

Commissioned and produced by Cornerhouse and Creative England (previously as Vision + Media)

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Country: Great Britain
Year: 2012

Last shown

Last shown at Cornerhouse on Thu 30th Aug 2012

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