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  1. Modern Foreign Languages
  2. Film & Media

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Contact the Projector booking team at Box Office on 0161 200 1500 (12:00 - 18:00, MON - FRI)


Projector Teachers Guide 2014-2015

Projector Risk Assessment 2014-2015

Welcome to Projector, Cornerhouse’s education programme, which uses film, moving image and theatre to enrich students’ learning and bring creativity and innovation to the classroom. Events cover Modern Foreign Languages and Film & Media and are aimed at the 14-19 year group studying GCSE, AS, A2 and equivalent.

For detailed information and procedures, simply download the teachers’ guide.

Please email us at to receive a hard copy of the programme and to join our mailing list.


Modern Foreign Languages
Through films, students experience first hand the vocabulary, accents and colloquialisms of native speakers. Currently covers German, Spanish, French and Urdu.

Film & Media
Keeping syllabus specifications in mind, these sessions concentrate on key concepts whilst providing students with a broad range of films to encourage personal study.

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