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Realise your experimental animation short film



Deadline: Fri 17 June, 17:00

Information to include

> Your contact details (including postocode, phone number and email address)

> The completed equal opportunities monitoring form

> Your showreel (or at least two pieces of work).
If your showreel is not available online or your video file is larger than 10MB; please provide it on DVD.

> A SHORT paragraph about why you feel technically qualified to realise your project

> The treatment of your film; no longer than 2 sides of A4; that includes:

  • concept (i.e as comprehensive a description of what you would like to achieve),
  • an idea of what the design will be like (illustration rather than text explanation)
  • if applicable to your narrative, a short synopsis of your project.
    If you are proposing to work in CGI please provide technical specification of what you would need to realise your idea.


Image © Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd

Cornerhouse, Mackinnon & Saunders and Vision + Media are offering emerging animators from the region, professional and amateurs alike, the unique chance to bring to life their ideas for an experimental animation film.

Not only will you get the chance to see your film through production and distribution but you will have an invaluable opportunity to develop your professional practice with the help, advice and feedback from the team at Mackinnon and Saunders and Cornerhouse, and their extensive network of contacts.

MacKinnon & Saunders Ltd is a Manchester based animation company known for their work with Tim Burton and Wes Anderson. Depending on your professional development needs you will be mentored through the process by one of the company’s experienced producers.

Deadline for entries: Fri 17 june, 17:00


We aim to

  • produce a high quality short animation experimental film
  • provide the commissioned animator with valuable professional development.

This scheme is not about learning how to animate. Although you may have the opportunity to discover and experience different animation techniques, you must feel confident you have the technical ability / sufficient experience of your technique to realise your film.


  • You can use any animation technique from drawing, to model animation, CGI and everything in between.
  • This is a commission for an experimental animated short film. It can be experimental in technique, subject or story telling.
  • The film must be no longer than 10 minutes. When thinking about the length of your film, bear in mind how long a piece of work your chosen animation technique allows you to produce within the time frame; the film must be finished by December 2011.
  • Your film is an original idea, not an adaptation of existing material


  • You are an emerging animator based in Lancashire, Cheshire or Greater Manchester (i.e you have a current address in Greater Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire)
  • You will have practiced animation for at least 3 years but you are not necessarily making a living out of your animation practice. You can be self taught.
  • You have not had more than three of your own animated short films commissioned (but you may use animation in your job; for instance you may be doing architectural animation for an architectural firm)
  • You must feel confident and demonstrate in your application that you have sufficient experience of the technique you are planning to use in your film to realise it without external technical help.
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Would you be able to tell me how long we have to complete the project and does it have to be created in the Cornerhouse? (can I create it at home?)


It is foreseen the project will start in July with a completion date of December.
You don’t have to come to Cornerhouse to create it and we will sort out the practical details once the project is selected (i.e. the practicalities will depend on the nature of the animation and what the animators have at their disposals already so we don’t want to be too prescriptive)

Isabelle Croissant (Cornerhouse)  

I have a full time job, would the project require a large amount of my time outside of it?


I suppose it depends on what you are planning to propose. We’ll be as flexible as we can, however the projects requires dedication as we want to produce a high quality film and it needs to be completely produced by mid December – starting at earliest the beginning of July.
So I suppose you just need to think if it will be too big a project to take on as well as having a full time job before you apply. There may be the odd meeting here and then (not very often) that will be during week time so you’d have to manage this with your employer.
In general, if we are convinced that the applicant has a manageable idea and is organized and committed enough to make it work then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Isabelle Croissant (Cornerhouse)  

Hello. I was wondering if it’s ok to work on this in team of 2, or maybe 3, or if it has to be a solo project? Thanks

Karl Doran  

Hi Karl, the opportunity is for individuals but we are open to a level of flexibility on duos entering if the idea is strong (and if it really warrants two people). More than 2 people might be a little difficult to handle given our resources and timeframe so I would say duo maximum.

Isabelle Croissant (Cornerhouse)  

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