Alexander Rodchenko

Revolution in Photography

Alexander Rodchenko (1891–1956) was one of the great figures of early twentieth century avant-garde art, and also one of its most versatile practitioners. After gaining an international reputation as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Rodchenko turned to photography in the early 1920s, convinced that it would become the artistic medium of his era.

Featuring approximately 200 original prints and photomontages, this book traces the development of Rodchenko's photography over a period of two decades. Pioneering a new vocabulary of bold and unusual camera positions, severe foreshortenings of perspective, and close-up views of surprising details, Rodchenko's photography balanced formal concerns with an interest in the social and political life of the Soviet Union. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Alexander Rodchenko: Revolution in Photography at The Hayward, London, February – April 2008. In association with the Moscow House of Photography Museum.

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  • Artists Alexander Rodchenko
  • Authors Varvara Rodchenko, Ralph Rugoff, Olga Sviblova, Alexander Rodchenko, Alexander Lavrentiev
  • Publisher Hayward Publishing
  • ISBN 9785939770415
  • Format hardback
  • Pages 224
  • Illustrations illustrated in colour and b&w
  • Dimensions 300mm x 240mm
  • Weight 1560g
  • Publication Date 1 Feb 2008

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