New titles

Cornerhouse Publications Spring Catalogue 2014, £0.00
You Are Here Art After the Internet , £15.95
Rokni Haerizadeh Fictionville, £32.00
Christina Soulou 2000 Words Series, £19.00
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski 2000 Words Series, £19.00
Seth Price 2000 Words Series, £19.00
Paul Chan Selected Works, £19.00
Ola Kolehmainen Geometric Light, £17.00
Hannah Rickards To enable me to fix my attention on any one of these symbols I was to imagine I was looking at the colours as I might see them on a moving picture screen, £30.00
The Divine Comedy Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, £60.50
Deep Time Elaine Shemilt, £15.00
Ian Kiaer Tooth House, £15.00
Henry van de Velde and Edvard Munch in Chemnitz (German edition), £37.50
Neue Baukunst / New Architecture (German edition), £46.50
Christian Weber Explosions, £35.50
Simon Evans £37.50