New titles

Cornerhouse Publications Spring Catalogue 2014, £0.00
Eva Rothschild £17.95
Francisco Paco Carrascosa Johnnie Walker on the Beach, £145.00
Damien Hirst / Arnulf Rainer Commotion, £26.00
Peter Fischli / David Weiss Polyurethane Objects, £24.00
Wade Guyton. Guyton/Walker. Kelley Walker £42.00
Urs Fischer 2000 Words Series, £19.00
Lens-Based Sculpture The Transformation of Sculpture Through Photography, £38.00
Josef Wittlich Picture after Pictures, £75.00
Jeff Wall Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs 1996-2013, £40.00
James Lee Byars ½ an Autobiography (Vol.1 Sourcebook), £28.00
Hotel Carlton Palace. Chambre 763 An Exhibition by Hans Ulrich Obrist, £12.00
Fairland Explorations, Insights and Outlooks on the Future of Art Fairs, £9.00
Brave New Work A Reader on Harun Farocki's film 'A New Product', £28.00
Birds of Paradise Costume as Cinematic Spectacle, £43.00
Andreas Eriksson Roundabouts, £28.00