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In July 2010, Cornerhouse put out a call to young people and members of the public, inviting them to collaborate with us in a series of workshops and produce some of the artists’ ideas that appeared in our acclaimed exhibition Unrealised Potential.

The workshop participants, along with local cultural producer Bren O’Callaghan, had unfulfilled ideas from over 60 established and emerging artists to choose from. The resulting group exhibition, The People You’re Not is a satirical trip through the private and public faces of fame, which presents the projects of TV entertainer and popular satirical comedian Harry Hill, Manchester legend Edward Barton, and infamous wooden-pants-wearing balladeer Norman Clayture.

“The exhibition is linked by a conceptual thread: all of the artists selected use alter egos and performative personas to reflect and react to the humdrum of popular culture, celebrity, fame and the absurd – Owain Barton has become Edward Barton, Len Horsey is Norman Clayture and Harry Hill is otherwise known as Matthew Hall. The current cultural climate often suggests that it is now a basic human right for everyone to become ‘celebrities’, though here the group’s interpretations highlight the darker reality of this seemingly alluring entitlement”. Mike Chavez-Dawson – Curator, PhD Research Fellow at MIRIAD

Watch the official trailer for the exhibition below:


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