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Art Daily

Art Monthly - June 2010 Art Monthly Review of Contemporary Art Iraq

BBC Radio 4 – Front Row  
Interview with Sarah Perks (Co-curator)
Review by Andy McClusky

BBC Manchester Online

By Leila Nathoo

Belfast Telegraph
By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

By Daniel Miller

Culture 24
By Kirstie Brewer

Disabilty Arts Online
By Harry Matthews

Manchester Mouth

Saatchi Online

The Independent
By Arifa Akbar, Arts Correspondent

The National Newspaper – English United Arab Emirates
By Ben East

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  2. Exhibition Details

Main Gallery Spaces

Fri 16 Apr 2010 – Sun 20 Jun 2010


Artists: Aryan Abubakr Ali, Azar Othman Mahmud, Bhrhm Taib H. Ameen, Bitwen Ali Hamad, Gailan Abdullah Ismail, Hemn Hamed Sharef, Jamal Penjweny, Julie Adnan, Mohammad Sale, Mohammed Abdulhussein Yousif, Mustafa Mumtaz Noori, Natheer Muslim, Rohzgar Mahmood Mustafa, Roshna Rasool, Salam Idwer Yaqoob Al-loos, Sarwar Mohamad Amin, Wrya Budaghi, Yadgar Abubakir Nassradin, Zana Rasul Mohammed

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