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Jamie Shovlin: Hiker Meat

Sat 18 Jan 2014 – Mon 21 Apr 2014, Mon - Closed, Tue - Sat 12:00 - 20:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00

An exploitation film that never actually existed is at the heart of Jamie Shovlin’s new exhibition. It presents the tumultuous history of ill-fated 1970s slasher Hiker Meat alongside props and memorabilia from the film. Later galleries reveal an immersive audio visual installation that strips back Shovlin’s wider project, from the inception of the idea to his later attempt to ‘re-make’ a film that never existed.

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Cornerhouse Projects / Paola Bazz

Thu 3 Apr 2014 – Tue 13 May 2014

Paola Bazz uses magazines and catalogues to create complex collages with a three-dimensional effect. Her work transforms obsolete media and unwanted material into meaningful new works with distinct stylistic features. The imagery in Bazz’s work is either readable or highly distorted, depending on your point of view. A close look reveals thousands of fragments of words, faces, colours and pictures; but from a distance new, simpler images form.

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Clifford Owens: Better the Rebel You Know

Sat 10 May 2014 – Sun 17 Aug 2014, Mon - Closed, Tue - Sat 12:00 - 20:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Clifford Owens’s debut European exhibition features key existing work and two new commissions: A UK version of a work first developed for New York’s MoMA PS1 and a piece involving participants from Manchester that challenges the boundaries of performance and image making.

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Cornerhouse Projects / Ian McKay

Thu 15 May 2014 – Tue 17 Jun 2014

Ian McKay’s on-going mission to visit British seaside towns has produced a wealth of observational documentation. His work explores themes of isolation at a time when seaside resorts face stiff competition from overseas package holidays. Using paint and print, McKay’s unique colour studies present the familiar language of the seaside town with a calm, melancholic undertone.

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