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The Art of With is an action research project by Cornerhouse that aims to explore how a contemporary arts organisation should work with audiences, artists and curators at a time when technological development and web 2.0 means we live in a culture of openness, participation and collaboration.

The Art of With Seminar 1 – This started with the commission of two flagship essays, by Charles Leadbeater and Tom Fleming, and the organisation of a seminar in June 2009. The seminar was based on comments, feedback and suggestions inspired by the essays when they were published online.


The first stage was aimed as a starting point to raise questions and identify topics that people want to explore further. A further essay by essay by Michael Connor – A Manual for the 21st Century Gatekeeper was commissioned and a second event concentrating on artists and curator took place at Cornerhouse in November. We will soon publish a report on the second event and further news on the direction the project will take.  if you would like to add your thoughts, comments, feedback don’t hesitate to contact us on

If you need to catch up, check out the Catch up / Resource page .

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