Bored Girls, Annika Strom

Seminar: Collecting Performance Art



The Annexe

Sat 31 Mar 2012

14:00 - 16:00


Booking required

Collecting Performance Art is presented in conjunction with Between - a season of new performance commissions at Cornerhouse curated by Louise Adkins and associate curator The International 3. Supported by MIRIAD, Arts Council of England and Cornerhouse.

Part of Between

Join us for a seminar that will explore the challenges of collecting an art form which by its very nature is ephemeral and resists commodification. An expert panel will debate the issues, asking how and why it should be collected.

Panel members: Teresa Calonje (co-founder of ‘Collecting Live Art’); Robert Lee (co-founder of The Collective); Hayley Newman (performance artist); Laurence Lane and Paulette Terry Brien (co-Directors of The International 3); and Louise Adkins (Artist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Art at MMU).

Collecting Performance Art is organised by Contemporary Art Society and The International 3. It is supported by: Arts Council of England, MIRIAD , Cornerhouse ,The International 3 and Contemporary Art Society

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