Between Commissions by Hayley Newman & Patricia Baga




Fri 30 Mar 2012

19:00 - 21:00


Part of Between

This event is now SOLD OUT

The first Between presents work by Hayley Newman and Patricia Baga. Newman’s Facing takes place while Gallery 3 is filled with crates, tools, paint and wood. The incoming and outgoing exhibitions share the same space for one night only. Held in transition, these objects become the set for a performance with many faces. Together we look to, from, between and at each other: a wink, a twitch, a frown and a smile.

Patricia Baga will present Pedestrian Mysticism a new improvisatory work that uses video projection as a set, a prop and a character. The artist takes on the roles of director, screenwriter, editor, actor and location scout in her ‘performative screenings’. Based in New York, Baga has exhibited and performed internationally including exhibitions and performances at LAXART, Los Angeles, Vilma Gold, London, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and at PS1 New York.

Between is curated by Louise Adkins, associate curated by The International3 in partnership with MIRIAD

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Photograph credit: all images by Jonathan Purcell

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A fantastic night, perfect for a Friday; vitally energising, touching and awakening. Thank-you!


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