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Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival 2012



Cornerhouse, Elsewhere

Wed 29 Aug 2012 – Sun 2 Sep 2012

Following its launch weekend in June, AND Festival makes a triumphant return to Manchester from Wed 29 Aug – Sun 2 Sep 2012.

Abandon Normal Devices strives to recognise experimentation across cinema, art and technology as a core concern of art-making and this expanding of possibilities forms the foundation for the 2012 festival.

Whether artists and filmmakers are chasing perfection, or caught up in the process of a radical experiment, they cannot help but challenge the very meaning of success. The artists featured in AND 2012 will take on society’s endless quest to progress and in doing so will find new ways to welcome both success and failure on their own terms.

Among it’s guests this year are Mammalian Diving Reflex who together with a team of teenagers will provide advice on everything from relationships to finances. Plus artistic duo HeHe will ambitiously lay down a new transport system in Manchester, the very antithesis of hi-speed travel.

While failure in life can still feel like a taboo, in art it has a different currency that can reveal the unexpected. From glitchy technologies, travelling caravans, to self-help platforms and philosophical peep shows, this year’s festival line-up includes artists who embrace doubt, outsiders, error and humour to create a programme where paradox can rule!

Full programme details can be found on the AND Festival website

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Stanya Kahn: It’s Cool, I’m Good Sat 23 Jun 2012 – Sun 16 Sep 2012
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